Gmail will tell you the e-mail titles based on what you’re typing

Gmail is becoming smarter thanks to machine learning features. Google is introducing another novelty to the popular email. This time it will be proposed e-mail titles, which will be based on the content entered by users. The feature is already being implemented, but the full rollout will take a while.

Gmail will be able to invent email titles for us. This is a new feature that Google has already begun to deploy to popular email. The proposed titles will be based on the content of the words entered by users. This is a new feature element called Smart Compose.

Gmail will scan the content of the message you are writing using machine learning. On its basis, it will tell you the title. For example, if we write an email with a friend’s wishes, then Smart Compose will propose a title in the style of “Happy Birthday!”.

Google has reported that new options for Smart Compose are already being introduced. However, a full rollout for all users is expected to take up to 15 days. Therefore, the function will be made available in stages. Mobile applications of popular e-mail can be found here.

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