GeoBadge for staff attendance

The companies that in the coronavirus emergency find themselves having to embrace the formula of agile work (or smart working) can evaluate the adoption of one of the solutions currently offered for free or at a subsidized fee within the package Digital Solidarity. Among these also the service of GeoBadge.

Digital Solidarity: GeoBadge

It is a solution for the detection of staff attendance, especially useful for those who work off-site. The location of the employee is detected only during the stamping phase. At this moment it is possible to request four months of free use (without any renewal obligation) by simply accessing the portal of the software house.

Digital Solidarity: all the services offered

To know thecomplete list of those who have joined the initiative Digital Solidarity refer to official site that MID (Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization) and AgID (Agency for digital Italy) are committed to continuously updating.

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