Gatekeeper is Nuance's solution for security and biometrics

A biometrics solution dedicated to customer authentication and fraud detection: this is Gatekeeper, presented in recent days by Nuance and already available for professionals who wish to integrate it into their platforms through the official site.

Nuance announces Gatekeeper

It is a service based onartificial intelligence and from nature cloud scalable so as to adapt to the needs of businesses of any size that goes beyond the traditional concept of passwords for data and information protection. The features offered include identity validation and identification of potential malicious behavior perpetrated through the company's channels. So Brett Beranek, GM Security Business of Nuance Enterprise Division, comments on the announcement.

Biometrics is the future of identification and represents the trump card for all companies that want to enhance customer security without compromising the engagement experience. Thanks to Gatekeeper we offer more advanced levels of protection for small and large companies, bringing intelligence artificial at the forefront and combining traditional biometric methods with the latest market technologies. All this is now available in a cloud-native environment.

Among the most important features we mention the rapid cloud and on-premise implementation, the engine Lightning Engine for vocal biometrics capable of authenticating an individual from an audio with a duration of a fraction of a second and technology ConversationPrint that based on AI algorithms allows the development of a customized model of typing or speech.

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Gatekeeper is also able to analyze grammar and vocabulary to ensure that the phrases used correspond to the actual customer model. All this without forgetting the behavioral biometry based on unique activity patterns for each person.

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