Forbes attacks Tesla: there is no transparency on the data

A editorial published in Forbes in these hours, it attacks Tesla denouncing the severe blanket of opacity that would surround the company and that would contribute to inflating its palatability and value. The signature is that of Jim Collins and the attack is frontal: it is not a technical analysis on the vehicles, nor a discussion aimed at deflating the expectations inspired by the CEO's vision Elon Musk. Rather, criticism is directed towards a mechanism – triggered by it Tesla , but fueled by other interested actors – which allows the group to continue on its way without having to deal quarterly with the results achieved quarter by quarter.

The opacity of Tesla numbers

According to Collins, information should be at the center of each assessment, but this is not the case: it is not clear how many cars are marketed by the Tesla group, nor is the trend of the different models known. A spanne (because there are not many other tools to proceed with the evaluations) Forbes hypothesizes that the number of cars sold at the end of the year by Tesla will never reach 500,000 units as predicted by Musk, which would greatly inflate the current stock market value. Furthermore, there is a strong cannibalization of the old models by the new ones, which reduces the number of Tesla potentially in circulation and above all compresses the perimeter of the community of users in possession of theelectric car for excellence.

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Does it only happen with Tesla? No, quite the opposite: Collins's criticism is generalized, but the finger is pointed at Tesla since this has been the title at the center of the scene for some weeks now following the great rally that brought the actions to close to 1000 dollars of evaluation. Collins also carries on a parallelism with Apple , whose stock market value would have risen significantly since the day the group stopped making the number of iPhones sold official. Apple at the time explained that this aspect lost importance because the margin became the fundamental element to evaluate the health of the business model, but in the meantime the numbers have been hidden.

So Tesla, so Apple: hidden numbers, growing hype, rising value. When assuming the swelling of a bubble destined to explode sooner or later in the hands of shareholders, these are exactly the symptoms that lead analysts to argue against the quotations currently reached. Collins simply asks Tesla for more transparency, putting real data in the hands of investors so they can make thoughtful choices and not based on the hype brought online by the Tesla-centric narrative.

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