fine of 150 million euros to Google

Pre-Christmas tile on the head of Google: at the end of what is called a long investigation, the Autorité de la Concurrence in France sanctioned the company for abuse of dominant position in the marketonline advertising. The amount of the fine was set in 150 million euros.

France sanctions Google: 150 million euros for advertising

According to the authority, the Mountain View group would have adopted what is described in the published documentation as a practice "opaque and difficult to understand" in the definition of the rules concerning the Ads platform. He also accuses bigG of having applied the rules in a "random and incorrect way". Google was therefore asked to clarify the methods by which they were drafted no later than the next two months and to explain how the procedures for the suspension of accounts. I also imposed an obligation to implement useful measures to prevent, identify and manage violations.

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The French ruling refers to the stakes set by the company for advertisers who wish to show their advertising on the search engine following the sending of a query by surfers. According to the Autorité de la Concurrence, the rules have been applied in an "inconsistent and confused" way, with interpretations that have changed over time, putting some of those who have decided to invest in advertising in a situation of legal and economic insecurity.

A spokesman for the Californian company made it known through the pages of the site TechCrunch that the company plans to to appeal, even without making statements or press releases on the matter. In the case of official statements they will be integrated into this article.

In France Google holds over 90% of market share among search engines and more than 80% of the market share relating to online advertising. There sanction officially announced today it reaches less than a year from that of January: 50 million euros for an infringement concerning the GDPR.

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