Facial recognition in public places: no ban from Europe

There European Commission will not impose a ban on installing systems Facial recognition in public places, as speculated last week. There is therefore a partial backtrack from Brussels today, according to what is reported on the Reuters pages. The official presentation of the proposal, in its final version, should take place on February 19 (the day on which the data market will also be discussed).

Facial recognition in public places: no blockade from the EU

The aim of the measure would have been to put the large-scale use of the technology on standby for a period of five years, so that its implications related to privacy of citizens. In any case, it cannot be excluded that the introduction of stakes regarding specific contexts that are considered particularly sensitive such as hospitals or means of transport can be evaluated.

The discussion on the topic is finally going on also in Italy: a few days ago the deputy Filippo Sensi of the Democratic Party presented a parliamentary question addressed to the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister to shed light on how the country is using this type of system and how it plans to do it in the future. For example, it is known that the State Police have the S.A.R.I. already used in the investigation to bring about the capture of someone who commits a crime.

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