Facebook “Lol” on the way. This is a new application for younger users

Facebook is preparing a new application called Lol. It was created for younger users who are constantly looking for new places on the web, and it is not necessarily Facebook. Lol is to be an aggregator of funny content, like GIFs or movies. There are currently closed beta tests of the application.

Lol is the name of the new application that Facebook works on. Mark Zuckerberg and the company are constantly looking for ways to stop younger users who often decide to leave the popular community. Currently, beta tests are underway, which are conducted with about one hundred high school students.

Lol in its current form can be found directly in the Facebook application. In a place where the Watch section is normally located. However, the target is to be different. Lol will become an autonomous application or, alternatively, it will be an extension for one of the existing Facebook applications.

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Lol app / Test screenshot

Lol is divided into categories such as “For You”, “Animals” or “Pranks”. The content is taken from the best pages with memes on Facebook. However, sometimes the content presented has, for example, a week and most people have seen it before.

At the moment, it is not known when the premiere of Lol will take place and what character the application will finally take. It will turn out over time, because Facebook is currently collecting reviews from testers and it will be based on it.

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