Facebook against coronavirus: donations, advertising and research

There is also Facebook among the signatories of the commitment aimed at combating the phenomenon of misinformation on the topic coronavirus. The effort of the social network does not stop there, however: with a post attributed to Kang-Xing Jin (Head of Health), the company today announces a series of initiatives that aim not only to keep the platform and its users safe, but also to support small businesses and convey correct information.

FB: Donations, advertisements and data against coronavirus

Mark Zuckerberg was the number one to announce in recent days that the company will add $ 20 million to donations already collected by the community, earmarking them for contagion prevention and containment initiatives.

A lot of people have told us they want to help fight coronavirus but aren't sure how, so we've worked with the United…

Published by Mark Zuckerberg up Friday 13 March 2020

Added to this free advertising space made available to organizations that engage in educational campaigns targeting especially those areas most affected by the coronavirus. In this regard, however, we cannot fail to underline how advertisements for the sale of items such as masks or sanitizing gels at inflated prices are still frequently encountered on the social network. A problem against which other companies such as Google and Amazon have already taken a stern stance.

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An advertisement for the sale of surgical masks on Facebook

Another initiative launched by Facebook in the context of the COVID-19 emergency is that aimed at researchers and academics: the teams of the School of Public Health (Harvard University) and the National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) have access to anonymous information about the movements of users and to maps that photograph the population density, so that they can elaborate models and forecasts related to the evolution of the pandemic. All this while respecting privacy.

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