evaluate the air quality in the home

Among the Amazon offers in view of Christmas some are aimed at the home and more in detail at smart homes. In this article we report the one related to EVE Room, portable sensor able to monitor the air quality that we breathe every day. Can be purchased at price of 74.33 euros instead of 99.95 euros as per the price list.

EVE Room to monitor air quality

With compact dimensions (1.5 × 5.4 × 5.4 cm for 45 grams), it integrates a e-ink display high contrast to minimize consumption. Compatible with HomeKit, it does not need external power supply: it has a rechargeable battery via USB and with autonomy of up to six weeks. The device detects i harmful VOC levels signaling when it is necessary to ventilate the rooms. It also detects temperature and humidity, saving the values ​​recorded over time.

The EVE Room sensor to monitor air quality

EVE Room is part of that category of products for the smart home that act discreetly and unobtrusively, with a design designed to simplify interaction even for those unfamiliar with technology. A Christmas gift recommended to those who rely on the Apple ecosystem at home (not compatible with Android), considering it 26% discount on Amazon.

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