.Eu domains to all Europeans, even outside the border

The .eu domain was born on 7 April 2006 as a characterizing element of European identity, its culture, its products and its citizens: when this ambition became a limit, however, it had to reconsider the initial approach and the last barrier is falling in these days with theopening of the domain to all Europeans, even those outside the border.

In this case, 13 years from the onset of the .eu domains to the open market (a year earlier the "Sunrise Period" for trademark holders began) the door was opened to all European citizens who are not currently resident within the borders of the European Union: it is a question of opening the possibility of acquiring a domain of over 12 million people residing in countries such as the USA, Canada or Australia, all with a European passport. The border will fall in the next few hours, allowing new registrations starting tomorrow, 19 October 2019.

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Based on the new regulation approved by theEURid the .eu domains registered by citizens of the United Kingdom who, because of Brexit, risked falling to the border are also saved: however the negotiations go, the problem has been set aside for the benefit of the right holders as well as the institution of management, as much as users.

To this newness there are added two linked to particular idioms: the domain is already active Cyrillic .ею, while starting from November 14th the in version will appear Greek .ευ.

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