Elon Musk: Coronavirus panic is stupid

Elon Musk aligns with Donald Trump: Coronavirus panic is "stupid thing". A post that weighs, that of Musk , because it comes in a delicate moment of the epidemic: one step away from the evolution in the "epidemic", while more and more areas of the United States declare a state of emergency, Musk comes out with a tweet that tries to dampen the spirits:

The responses to the tweet, however, have a very different tone from the usual plethora of enthusiasm that the entrepreneur's fans bestow on each of his posts. In fact, many people point out to him how inappropriate a post of this type is, at a time like this. And not a few remind him how much his skills are appreciated in certain areas, how little influential when there is a health emergency at stake.

The inappropriate tweet of Elon Musk

Twitter is certainly not the best place to deal with such issues, since in a few words it is not possible to express a concept clearly. Musk's post therefore lends itself to a myriad of interpretations and it will be simple for Musk to come out of it with "serves responsibility, but without alarmism". After all, in the pockets of the lapalissian there are always large quantities of justifications ready for use.

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But in this case the tweet appears completely out of place and the tone of the responses received speaks volumes that Musk's opinion is completely isolated from a public opinion that, even in the USA, is really starting to get scared about what is happening on a planetary level.

However, the coronavirus represents for Musk more than a simple epidemic, becoming directly a Sword of Damocles if we think in terms of market and finance. For Tesla Above all, the epidemic could become catastrophic if the problems persisted longer than necessary. Musk's tweet, for once, could therefore have a defensive attitude, trying to lower his tone without success. Rather.

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