Elenion Technologies is the new acquisition of Nokia

With the aim of enhancing the offer made available to operators regarding the infrastructure of the large network today Nokia announces that it has found an agreement with the counterparty to finalize theacquisition of the American Elenion Technologies, based in New York.

Elenion Technologies for Nokia networks

In doing so, the Finnish group intends to gain a competitive advantage over the competition just when the era of the is finally about to open 5G. Founded in 2014, the American company specializes in the development of technologies related to photonics of silicon and intended for interfaces for the connectivity high performance.

Below is a translated extract of what is reported in the press release confirming the operation whose closure is expected within the first quarter of the year, following the obtaining of the necessary authorizations from the delegated bodies.

Owning these key assets will bring cost and timing benefits to Nokia's vast portfolio of Network solutions.

Elenion Technologies

No details were revealed on the size of the economic investment put on the table. The official statements made refer to the desire to integrate Elenion Technologies' skills and solutions into Nokia's portfolio for the 5G, cloud and gods data center.

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