Electric scooters like electric bikes, not mopeds

The way to move around the city streets is changing and the code is called to adapt. Also pushed by the discussions started after the first fines arrived in November (some of them in Turin), our local politics decided to officially equate the increasingly widespread electric scooters to electric bikes. They are therefore not placed on the same level as mopeds, provided however that certain requirements are met.

Electric scooters like electric bikes

Until 500 W of power is 20 km / h maximum speed with the obligation to implement a 6 km / h limiter for use in pedestrian areas. Respecting these stakes, it will not be necessary to pay for insurance and registration fees, nor to wear a helmet during the movement. To establish an amendment to the 2020 economic maneuver approved in the Senate between 9 and 10 December.

There electric micromobility, so the category that also includes segways, hoverboards and monowheels is defined, it will also be regulated by the introduction throughout the country of a special signage. Below a couple of examples of the proposals put forward during the discussion and reported in November on the pages of Il Sole 24 Ore.

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The new signals for electric micromobility

Returning to electric scooters, for models with characteristics that go beyond the parameters listed above (in terms of power and speed) it is legitimate to think that there is a similarity with the vehicles in the category mopeds.

On the market there are now various types of it, with the most different characteristics e prices even below 200 euros. In the gallery of images above the one produced and marketed by Xiaomi, for some months on sale also in Italy, but arriving at 25 Km / h may not be recognized as exempt from the additional obligations that are due for a moped.

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