EIC, European funds for 3 innovative Italian ideas

Three Italian groups have entered the list of 108 projects that across Europe have managed to access a new round of 210 million euros of innovation funding. Each accredited group has the possibility to access a sum between 0.5 and 3 million euros in an attempt to accelerate the development of proposed ideas.

The framework of funded proposals is extremely varied, touching on every type of field and field of application. France, Spain and Israel are the countries that will particularly benefit from the ban, but the Italian proposals are completely worthy of note.

Each of the groups financed byEuropean Innovation Council offers a solution to a problem that afflicts the daily life of Europeans, whether in health, the environment, energy or otherwise.

Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation

European Innovation Council (EIC): financed Italian projects

There are three Italian projects funded:

  1. COSBI (Rebecchi Group)
    An innovative turbine system for the conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy by exploiting the movement of water within rivers and canals
    A low-cost and easy-to-install mechanism to increase energy efficiency in chillers and air conditioning systems
  3. UpSurgeOn
    The first hybrid simulation platform for neurosurgery
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In the beginning of the year, four other Italian companies had already raised funds from the same fund (Deref, Xnext, Guidetti srl and Brandolisio srl) while at the end of 2018 the benefits fell on Rain spa and NPT srl.

The trend sees Italy as not exposed to this type of opportunity, which is why one could perhaps reason at a political level to understand what inhibits the Italian genius from trying to access valuable European funds which, by bringing fresh capital, could allow faster escalation towards the production of ideas matured in the laboratory.

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