Edge, Microsoft's browser will always be faster

Security, compatibility, performance. These are the three pillars around which Microsoft plans to build the success of its new one browser, the incarnation of Edge based on the Chromium engine. To partially recover the gap that separates the software from Google's rival Chrome in terms of market share, now focus on performance.

Microsoft Edge turbocharges with version 81

Release 81, currently only available with the Dev and Canary preview versions (in Beta from next month), records a + 13% speed (compared to 79) in tests conducted with Speedometer 2.0. A significant step forward that translates into appreciable benefits during the management of the workloads that accompany each browsing session. Thanks to a series of optimizations introduced since 81.0.389.0 on Windows 10.

The benchmark analyzes browser behavior by simulating interactions with APIs, scripts and content usually present on sites and portals, then assessing their responsiveness. Microsoft reports that the tests were performed on a Surface Pro 5 with an Intel Core i5-8250U processor and 8 GB of RAM, with no other programs running.

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The results of the Speedometer benchmark conducted on the latest versions of Edge

The Redmond team, however, makes no reference to the difference with the release 80 of Edge, which has been released for a few days. Curious then the fact that Microsoft has chosen a device launched more than two years ago as the fifth generation of Surface Pro instead of a more recent one. Having said that, the road taken to cut bridges with the difficult past of Internet Explorer (which occasionally comes back to show up) seems to be the right one.

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