Ecuador, online data for the entire population

In ecuador privacy died in a database freely available online and containing the data of almost the entire population of the country. Fortuna wants the discovery to have been made by the researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar of the vpnMentor whose subsequent behavior was in the name of full cooperation to try to avoid damage resulting from the incident.

Online the data of the entire population of Ecuador

The two researchers first reported the problem to ZDNet, with which research began to understand the quality of the database and the data contained therein. At this point the server owner (the Ecuadorian Novaestrat) was contacted and the data was secured within a couple of weeks thanks to the intermediation of the Ecuador CERT team.

The database contained 20.8 million data on a population of 16.6 million people: the excess would be due to old data (relating to people who have already died) and to duplicate identities. However, almost all the population was present in this database, whose data source remains uncertain and is probably the result of the mixing of multiple information supply points.

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From what it takes, some sources are governmental and others private, but all sufficiently weak and such as to allow information to be stolen. It is interesting to note that the figures also include those of Julian Assange, the country's political refugee, as well as those of millions of minors.

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