Economic support from the USA for Huawei's competitors?

The tug-of-war between the United States and China also passes from the ban on realities coming from the Asian giant, officially for reasons linked to national security. Huawei is among the companies affected by the ban. Now it seems that the administration Trump intends to finance the activity of some of its competitors so that it can rely on other suppliers for the realization of mobile network to be allocated to the US territory.

USA: Ericsson and Nokia to ban Huawei?

A report appeared today in the pages of the Financial Times directly cites the Swedish Ericsson and the Finnish Nokia, also operating within the 5G networks with the design of equipment for network set-up. More in detail, funds could be allocated from Washington through which the two companies would be able to facilitate the purchase of infrastructure by customers (mainly telcos), thus subtracting a share of market share from Huawei, still today the leader of the sector despite the difficulties encountered so far.

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Another hypothesis being considered is that of financially supporting US entities so that they can directly build and market antennas and everything needed for the implementation of networks, especially those to be installed in rural areas of the American territory. It seems that Oracle is Cisco have already been consulted to evaluate a prospect of this type, but responding in a negative way due to the seriousness of the commitment and necessary investments.

Then there are those who push in the direction of supporting the development of software solutions like the one proposed by the company Altiostar of Massachusetts, able to operate equipment produced by different companies within the same mobile network. In this way, US operators could buy components from different suppliers, at least partially reducing Huawei's exclusive dependency.

However, the Shenzhen giant does not seem to care too much about Washington's maneuvers, pointing straight to its future, as confirmed recently with the first official statements about technology 6G, already in the pipeline. After all, just over a month ago CEO Ren Zhengfei reiterated that his creature will conquer the world.

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