Drive 2 the future: are you ready for autonomous driving?

Are you ready for autonomous driving? To what extent, in what form and with what prospects? Is the predisposition of the Italian public to this type of innovation greater or lesser than the European average? These and other questions are at the center of a poll that the European Union is conducting in the context of the program "Drive 2 the future ”In order to explore the boundaries and opportunities of this sector.

Are you ready for autonomous driving?

The data will not only serve as a cognitive element in favor of the legislator – a fundamental aspect to be able to better accommodate a revolution so radical for the world of mobility – but also for the automotive industry which in this direction will pour huge investments in the near future.

This survey is part of the activities of the European Drive2theFuture project and aims to know your opinion regarding the acceptance of autonomous vehicles in different transport domains. The survey is structured in 4 sections corresponding to the main transport domains (aviation, maritime, rail and road). Each section begins with a description of what automation means in the specific transport domain under consideration, with some illustrative examples and a short list of multiple choice questions.

In the past, Italy has shown, relative to autonomous driving, a less skeptical approach than that highlighted by French or Germans. Other polls previous, in short, photographed a certain feeling between autonomous driving and Italy, which must now be validated in this new survey. Any favorable feedback could suggest, both for the automotive industry and the legislator, to invest a few euros and a few hours more on this issue than in the past.

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Answer the survey it takes something like 10 minutes.

Are you ready for the electric car?

In parallel to the survey of the European project, Newstreet also launches its own survey: even before autonomous driving, in fact, we will face the dilemma of theelectric car. Are we ready for this radical change of perspective? Will your next car be electric?

The question is a must in light of what the market is about to offer. By now all the big houses are investing in this direction and if 2020 will be the year of the hybrid plug-in, 2021 will presumably be the beginning of the definitive ascent. In short, the conversion of the fleet and the decarbonisation of mobility will become reality. Are you ready to do your part or do you think you can continue, going on the safe side pending calm prices and a more mature distribution system of the columns than today?

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