Download here the new self-certification form for travel

The Ministry of the Interior has made the new form for self-certification useful to displacements during this hold for the containment of the infection by Coronavirus . This is a modified version of the previous module, with some simple additional indications that make it easy to understand the reasons for this new text.

Download the new self-certification form

The new self-certification form (which the ministry actually defines as "self-declaration form ā€œ) Asks the declarant to make explicit an aspect that is in some ways trivial, but unfortunately very topical: it is necessary to declare that he is not in quarantine.

In short, what the citizen declares when signing the document is that he cannot be found "under the conditions set out in art. 1, paragraph 1, letter oc) of the D.P.C.M. March 8, 2020 which – as is known – carries an absolute ban on mobility from one's home or dwelling for subjects subjected to the quarantine measure or positive results for the COVID-19 virus". In the case of a false declaration, in short, there are even more serious consequences since, in the case of quarantine, respect for public health must obviously have priority. The false declaration will therefore be an important aggravating condition in the judgment.

Download the self-certification valid from March 17th

Download the self-certification valid from March 17th

The previous modules are no longer valid today because they do not contain the statement regarding the awareness of restrictions for quarantine states.

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Self-certification is available on the website of the Ministry of Interior: it can be downloaded, filled in and printed to have it available when traveling for health, work or strict needs . The State Police, although the forms are available from all patrols, recommends having the form already filled in to allow faster and more convenient verification both for the person concerned and for the operators engaged in this function.

Beware of controls

The latest data issued by the ministry show how checks are carried out en masse (over 100 thousand every day) and that shots one complaint for every 16 people checked . These are serious situations since

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