Donald Trump wants to introduce the 6G network as soon as possible

Donald Trump is known for the fact that he likes to write interesting tweets. Not necessarily sensible, not necessarily wise, often controversial. This is also this time. The head of the United States has decided to share with the world its feelings associated with the development of technology. The president is not enough for just 5G, he wants to enter the US as soon as possible … internet 6G!

Of course, the entry is dictated by Trump’s concerns regarding the development of 5G. In this aspect, America is less developed than China. The main supplier of the new communication technology infrastructure is Huawei, which is a concern that firstly has problems with the US for a long time, and secondly: it comes from the country which is the main rival of the US economy.

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However, while the hopes for a rapid development of 5G are something completely normal and legitimate (and maybe even desirable from the head of the state), writing about the 6G network is like mentioning about living on Mars – real, but in the distant future (although looking at it what is happening in space recently, we suspect that we will soon colonize Mars than we introduce 6G).

5G technology is just being introduced, the devices that support it are just being created. Its prevalence in the world will last for several years. Just look at the history of network development: in 2000, we started working on the 4G network, a year later introduced 3G. It was not until after 7 years (2008) that the implementation of 4G began, and now after another 11 springs, we are beginning to enter the 5G era. These numbers should calmly realize that before we get the first information on 6G, the current term of the US president will end long ago.

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We are able to understand that President Donald Trump has faith in the States and their technological capabilities, but fantasizing about 6G is a slight exaggeration.

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