Does Google have an alternative to Apple News + in the pipeline?

The relationship between Google and the world of journalism has not always been free of tension, despite the many initiatives put in place over the years by the Mountain View group to meet the needs of publishers. There may be another on the horizon: a project that, due to the type and type of service offered, recalls the peculiarities of Apple News +.

From Google a service like Apple News +?

According to an indiscretion that appeared today on the pages of the Wall Street Journal, bigG is considering the possibility of paying those who produce the news in order to then be able to distribute them through its own specifically designed offer. The negotiations with some newspapers would have already been started, but at the moment the details on this are few and not well defined. We report below in translated form the short statement issued by the Californian company which do not confirm or deny anything.

We want to help people find quality journalism. It is important for an informed democracy and constitutes a support for the sustainability of the industry. It is very important to us and we are discussing with some partners, looking for more and more ways to expand our collaboration with publishers, based on programs such as the Google News Initiative.

The sources of the rumor speak of European newspapers, in particular French, already involved in the project. We assume that a similar product is then destined to be used by means of a premium subscription, as is already the case with the alternative launched last year by the bitten apple. However, no possibility is to be excluded.

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For the publishers, at least those involved, it would be a victory: to date, Google contributes to their business by conveying traffic to the sites that can then generate profits through advertising or subscription, but does not pay directly for the published content, not even for the extracts shared on the News platform.

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