discount on the Netgear Orbi bundle for the WiFi Mesh network

Smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, televisions, set-top boxes, sensors, thermostats, smart speakers and smart displays: more and more devices are connected to the Internet in our homes. To meet this new type of need, a network WiFi Mesh can be the optimal solution. In this regard, we report today the kit of Netgear Orbi proposed in discount to price of 266.90 euros on Amazon on the occasion of Black Friday.

Netgear Orbi: WiFi Mesh bundle on offer in Black Friday

The bundle includes a router and two satellites (as the manufacturer defines them), enough to cover even the largest homes and outdoor environments with speeds up to 2.2 Gbps: up to 375 square meters of extension. Compatibility is guaranteed for both ADSL and fiber lines. There is also a management software with parental control features to monitor and limit the online activity of children.

Netgear Orbi's WiFi Mesh system

As you can see in the image above, on the back there are also Ethernet ports for the wired connection of the devices that are near Orbi. The 21% discount on the Netgear Mesh solution it is only one of the many that in these days concern the catalog of Amazon: we refer to the store for all other offers.

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