Digital Team, passing the baton in 6 tweets

The reorganization of the Digital Transformation Team it opened with the appointment of the new one Minister for Innovation and ended with six leave tweets. These are six significant tweets as they close a parenthesis opened by Diego Piacentini at the time, circumscribing a transition phase that now seems ready to take a step forward.

Tweet 1: the move

The team's work officially ended on 31 December and with it the activities of the Twitter account: we are now proceeding in new ways, in many ways more important and ambitious.

Tweet 2: the reorganization

Here's how the Team's activities will be reorganized.

Tweet 3: what happened in 3 years of activity

A message to remember what the Team's last 3 years have been.

Tweet 4: where it all started, namely Piacentini

It all started with a post and many good intentions; everything continued between the ups and downs dictated by politics, the elections and the alternation of governments, each with its own vision of innovation, but all in the end in the wake of continuity about the need to support the work of Piacentini first and then Attias .

Tweet 5: phase two, or Attias

The post-Piacentini was called Luca Attias.

Tweet 6: end of first half, start of second half

The country's "operating system" is not yet finished: phase two begins, the executive phase, the grounding phase, the one that, in theory, will have to collect the results.

The country's operating system is therefore now directly in the hands of Paola Pisano and his ministry: the PA revolution is one of the key elements for the innovative transition of the Italian system and in these six tweets there is therefore a passage of the witness that marks a first and then: the judgment on the work of the Ministry must in fact starting today, from the handover, based on the promises of the end of 2019 and the results of this 2020.

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Good job.

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