design and specifications of the new Microsoft console

Known to date with the code name Project Scarlett, the next-gen console of Microsoft was officially presented: it will be called Xbox Series X. The debut remains set for the end of 2020, when it will arrive on the market in conjunction with Sony's competitor PlayStation 5.

Official Xbox Series X: 8K and 120 fps

The announcement came from the stage of the Game Awards event. The one visible in the images and video attached to this article is the design of the platform, now more similar to that of a PC. It can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. According to the Redmond group this is a power monster: calculation capacity quadrupled compared to the current Xbox One X, with support for 8K resolution and to a 120 fps framerate. Ray tracing and variable refresh rate are not missing either.

The Xbox Series X next-gen console

Results achieved by leveraging a card Technical specifications notable for the console world: architecture specifically optimized by AMD with Zen 2 processor and Raden RDNA video card. For storage the choice fell on NVMe SSD units so as to reduce loading time to a minimum.

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Other features confirmed for Xbox Series X are Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) e Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), both technologies dedicated to making command processing even more immediate. Let's imagine that the console is fully compatible with xCloud, a cloud gaming service that will soon come into direct competition with Google Stadia.

The first title shown is Hellblade 2 developed by Ninja Theory. The announcement trailer, at least according to what is read in the description, is entirely realized by sequences elaborated by the game engine.

Also presented a new one wireless controller with a slightly revised design in order to be easily usable by an even wider audience (accessibility has always been a theme dear to Microsoft) and equipped with a button to quickly capture and share screenshots or clips.

The new controller for Xbox Series X

It is not to be excluded that the console can reach the market in two editions, one of which at the time identified by some rumors as Lockhart, without reader for disks and cheaper (perhaps limiting the maximum resolution to 4K). The choice of "Series" in the name seems to reinforce this hypothesis, although in this regard there are no confirmations for the moment.

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