Dell confirms the arrival of Intel Comet Lake desktop CPUs

The official presentation by Intel, but the time seems ripe: i 10th generation Come Lake processors intended for systems desktop they are ready for the debut. Those for notebooks and laptops were announced last summer and are now on the market.

Intel Comet Lake: CPUs in a Dell video

The confirmation came with a video published by Dell (streaming below) and related to the range XPS Tower ready to make its debut. Among the features listed in the clip there is also "10th-gen Intel Core processors" to clear the field of any possible doubt. These will be units that will compete directly with those of the AMD Ryzen family (especially the 9 series).

They will be CPU still based on the production process a 14 nm, while the competitor has already dropped to 7 nm. Some of the expected models are i9-10900K with ten cores (which will replace i9-9900k), i7-10700K with eight cores, up to the Core i5 and Core i3 lines with six and four cores respectively. Corridor rumors would like a decrease in prices compared to the predecessors and the provision of Hyper-Threading technology on the whole range instead of only on i9.

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Going back to Dell XPS Tower (and XPS Tower Special), the others Technical specifications revealed are related to the presence of NVIDIA GeForce RTX video cards, slots for four memory units and three PCIe. A highly customizable configuration to meet any specific need.

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