deactivation and refund with an SMS

If you too are often a victim of unwanted paid services (VAS) which, very often, are activated without your consent on your mobile number, you will be happy to know that there is a new tool that allows not only to deactivate, but also to obtain a refund. It doesn't matter if your telephone operator is Wind, Tre, Vodafone, TIM or another virtual operator: you can still take advantage of the new service, in addition to the toll-free number provided by AGCOM SMS.

Paid services: deactivate them with an SMS

Of course, until today there was the possibility of deactivating a (often expensive) paid service that was activated by "error" on your numbering: just call the unique deactivation number (800.442299) and proceed following the instructions. Now there is a valid, simple and immediate tool available to users that allows you to disable paid services while requesting reimbursement of the amount withdrawn from your credit: it is sufficient send an SMS.

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The announcement was made by AGCOM on Twitter, thus explaining the news that has only been active for a few hours:

Therefore, by sending a message with the text "CANCEL" to the number indicated in the SMS confirming activation of the unsolicited service, we will be able to disable it. Furthermore, acting promptly (i.e. within 6 hours from the activation of the service), the user will also be entitled to refund business suit of the subscription fee taken by its user.

Of course, the single toll-free number for deactivation will continue to work, guaranteeing the possibility of defending oneself from paid services not required at any time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the use of the SMS service could certainly prove to be faster and more effective, especially if we are in a context where it is not possible to make a phone call. To achieve this, however, it is essential to take immediate action to block unsolicited activations, demonstrate one's good faith and get the right compensation.

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