Data of over 14 million voters leaked

Nobody is safe.

Another scandal related to the leakage of personal data. This time as many as 14.3 million people constituted as much as 80% of the citizens of Chile. Cybercriminals managed to steal data stored in the electoral system. If it were also given to minors – the effects of burglary would be even more serious.

Wizcase experts report that the details of voters were in the hands of criminals – including their names, age and tax identification numbers. It is reported that the information is complete enough to allow unauthorized persons to extort loans, for example.

To make matters worse, all data was published on the Internet in an unsecured Elasticsearch database. Their credibility was officially confirmed by the Chilean electoral authority Servicio Electoral de Chile. The institution’s representatives claim that they did not grant access to their databases to third parties, but they do not deny that there was unauthorized access.

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It is suggested that the theft of data may have taken place via a vulnerable system allowing Chilean citizens to gain insight into their state-stored data.

We always emphasize the importance of data security at the highest level. They are aware of this, among others Americans who fear that outdated operating systems installed on electoral computers will make it easier for hackers from foreign countries to influence the outcome of their elections.

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