data exposed for 267 million users

One more leakonce again for Facebook: information related to 267 million users they ended up online, collected within a database circulated freely on the Net for a couple of weeks before anyone noticed it and not even protected by a password. This is what was announced today by the Comparitech team and researcher Bob Diachenko. This is the brief statement given by a social network spokesperson to the site's editorial staff Engadget.

We are investigating the problem, but we believe that the information was obtained before the changes introduced in recent years in order to better protect people's data.

Facebook: new leak for 267 million subscribers

Pending a more detailed official position and to understand exactly the dynamics of what happened, it is believed that the data may have been extrapolated from the platform through a abuse of bees offered to third-party developers. Included in the information archive as user ID, name and telephone number. We do not struggle to imagine how in the hands of the bad guys they can be an effective weapon for the implementation of phishing campaigns or for other malicious actions.

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It is only the last of the episodes of this kind that in recent years have literally tormented the Facebook community and contributed to compromising the reputation of the company with regard to the measures taken to protect privacy and security. Just a little over three months ago, we reported another online database found containing 419 million records, about half of which related to telephone numbers. In April, yet another leak for 540 million profiles and in summer 2018, a violation that affected 29 million accounts. All events emerged following the explosion of the Cambridge Analytica case.

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