D-Link pocket hotspot on offer today on Amazon

Those who travel often find themselves in the situation of having to access the Internet with their own computer or device: no problem for smartphones and tablets that include a connectivity module, but for PCs the situation changes because it is not always possible to rely on WiFi networks and even in this case, not knowing who manages them, security risks may arise. A portable hotspot is the right solution: in this article we propose that D-Link on offer today on Amazon at price of 47.99 euros.

D-Link portable hotspot on offer on Amazon

Can manage up to a maximum of 10 devices connected simultaneously with speeds that reach 150 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload. There are a integrated firewall, a useful USB port both for recharging the internal 2.020 mAh battery and for connection and a display that allows you to check the connection quality, remaining battery life and other information during use. All in extremely small dimensions, in pocket size (9.7x6x1.7 cm) and with a weight of only 95.3 grams.

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D-Link DWR-932 Pocket Hotspot for on-the-go connectivity

D-Link DWR-932, today proposed with the11% discount, hook up the networks 4G-LTE and makes them accessible to computers and other devices, so you can communicate, browse or be productive on the move, without the obligation to search for a WiFi network open to the public.

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