Coronavirus videos and demonetization on YouTube

From the top of YouTube the choice to intervene with the demonetization to keep under control the contents that deal with the delicate theme coronavirus, at least until the emergency has returned. A decision with a shareable purpose, but which has not failed to raise criticism from those who manage the channels.

YouTube, coronavirus and demonetization

This was announced by an intervention by Tom Leung, Director of Product Management, the same who recently spoke of the possibility of selling advertising directly to brands. In a clip published on 11 February on Creator Insider (at 4:38 am), the introduction of an update of the guidelines related to content suitable for advertisers, directly citing the coronavirus theme which is now considered a sensitive event.

We are updating our guidelines to consider the coronavirus epidemic a sensitive event and all the videos on this topic will be affected by demonetization until new updates.

So YouTube defines a sensitive event in the documentation for creators and advertisers.

Typically, a sensitive event is an unexpected event in which loss of life has occurred, usually as a result of a premeditated malicious attack. Sensitive events can lead the public to express their condolences and sometimes to a visceral or extreme reaction. In order to be considered sensitive, an event must have occurred in a relatively recent period.

Horrid gestures that involve the loss of human lives such as mass shootings, armed conflicts, death, fall into this category (we mention the documentation of the platform) global health crises, tragic events and terrorist acts.

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It is good to point out that YouTube has no intention of delete videos that speak of coronavirus, but will prevent their creators from earning from the streams generated. Among these there are already those who raise the voice to denounce how the rule is not applied with the same severity to the channels of the large television stations that are continuing to generate profits fromadvertising with videos dealing with news and insights on the topic.

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