Coronavirus: Geneva Motor Show canceled

The Geneva Motor Show has been officially canceled. Despite the confirmation that the organization continued to arrive to reassure the participants, the word END for the 2020 edition was imposed by the Swiss institutions that announced the suspension of all major events (more than 1000 participants).

The Swiss decision involves all events between now and March 15th: the 90th edition of the Geneva Motor Show it should have been held between 5 and 15 March 2020, with the usual anticipation behind closed doors for the sector press. Five hundred thousand visitors who were now ready to leave suddenly find themselves without an appointment that in many ways opened the car season by staging all the best solutions from the best names in the international automotive world.

Switzerland cancels the Geneva Motor Show

The decision was communicated in these minutes following the extraordinary meeting of Swiss Federal Council . Following the first 9 outbreaks, it was decided to act vigorously to reduce the chances of contagion and limit the impact of the epidemic. Read the communication issued:

The Federal Council prohibits public and private events in Switzerland in which more than 1,000 people participate simultaneously. This event ban applies from now until at least March 15. The cantons are responsible for application and control. (…) The Federal Council is aware that this measure has far-reaching effects on the Swiss population. But it promises effective protection for the people of the country and for public health. The measure aims to limit the spread of coronavirus in Switzerland.

The first serious impact of the epidemic in Europe was experienced with the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, ​​followed by the suspension of the Furniture expo in Milan, with the closure of the stadiums for some important sporting events and now with the cancellation of a pivotal event for the European automotive industry. The Beijing Auto Show, meanwhile, had anticipated the closing 2020 edition in the wake of the Wuhan events. The consequences of the epidemic on the automotive world are likely to become extremely serious at this point.

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It is not yet clear whether the event will be definitively sunk or if it will be proposed for a postponement of a few months waiting for the contagion emergency to pass. At the moment, the organization has not yet made it known about it, having first of all to transpose the directives of the institutions to then seek the best possible exit way both for the event and for the participating car manufacturers.

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