Coronavirus and skyrocketing prices: Amazon's position

As part of the emergency coronavirus, a short distance from the appeal launched in our country by consumer associations and authorities regarding a unjustified price increases for products like sanitized masks and gels, Amazon replies with an intervention entrusted to the pages of Reuters. These are the words attributed to a spokesperson for the group.

There is no room for inflated prices on Amazon.

Online shopping and coronavirus: Amazon, crackdown

A declaration of intent as brief as useful to understand what the attitude of the world giant is e-commerce towards those who intend to speculate at a time when they certainly do not need such behavior. No compromise, to protect the buyers. The company says it already has eliminated over a million products from the virtual shelves of its store, including those that have been proposed as effective in order to prevent or fight the disease despite not having any property of this type.

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Then there are tens of thousands of advertisements published by sellers intending to earn more than what is legitimate by increasing the prices of the articles in an unjustified way. To this end, both controls conducted manually by the company's employees and automatic systems we imagine based on algorithms were used. Others are expected online stores and marketplaces are now moving in the same direction.

Even the buying and selling platforms they are called to do their part, like the authorities, the press and every single citizen, in a context that sees the world's attention focused on the coronavirus theme, sometimes causing distortions that can cost someone, economically and not only .

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