closed the site of horrors in the Dark Web

There is also Italy among the international partners of the operation that led to the closure of the one considered the largest site of child pornography present in Dark Web: called Welcome to Video, hosted over 250,000 clips featuring children and minors, for a total of 8 TB of content.

Child pornography in the Dark Web, closed Welcome to Video

The manager, the maker of everything, has been identified in Jong Woo Son, 23 year old South Korean citizen. Stop dozens of other individuals (from 30 to 40) globally, all his collaborators. According to what has been announced by the US authorities, 337 people who have connected to the site as users or to perform uploads themselves have ended up in handcuffs. Among those arrested, a former US federal agent held responsible for sending over 50 hours of video. The words of Jessie Liu, District of Columbia Attorney, sound like a warning to everyone involved in similar activities.

You can try to hide behind the technology, but we'll find you, stop you and pursue you.

The operation is the result of international cooperation in which Italy also took part

Welcome to Video was a real one marketplace, a gold mine for its managers, so as to have yielded more $ 730,000 in approximately 7,300 transactions executed via Bitcoin. A year of subscription was offered for the price of 0.03 BTC (220 euros at current exchange rates). It remained online from 2015 to 2018. The authorities' action was completed between March and August last year, but the accusations made against the interested parties were made public only today. It was possible to trace the location of the server hosting the videos by analyzing the code of the pages.

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About half of the films in question were not known to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, a non-profit organization from overseas that deals with fighting the scourge of child abuse. Many of the victims have not been identified. According to KNPA, the South Korean police authority, the majority of Welcome to Video members are in the 20-29 age group, are not married and carry out daily office work.

To characterize the activity of the portal a perverse and sick dynamic, a benefit system that attributed "points" to members after uploading content or invited new members. At the entrance one landing page with a message that needs no explanation or translation: "Do not upload adult porn".

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