Chinese duties will inflate the price of the new Mac Pro

Apparently the meeting vis-à-vis between Donald Trump and Tim Cook did not help to prevent the price increase of the new Mac Pro presented in June due to theimport of some components from China, although the computer is assembled in the United States, more precisely in Texas. The responsibility is to be attributed to duties introduced by the US administration.

The Chinese duties and the price of the new Mac Pro

Five in total the elements to which one will be applied additional 25% taxaccording to what Bloomberg reports today: a card for the management of connection ports, the power adapter, the cable to be connected to the socket and the system delegated to dissipate the heat generated by the processor during operation. Even the optional wheels to be purchased separately for the case will be subject to increased spending.

The bitten apple was therefore not able to get the green light for theimport of components without incurring in the measure, a concession granted or denied based on factors such as the type of products or their availability from American suppliers. The Cupertino group has instead been recognized the exclusion from the application of duties for other elements made in China and destined for the new Mac Pro as the case, the mouse and the trackpad (the latter optional).

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The debut of the computer, aimed at a target of professionals even considering its not exactly accessible financial outlay (starting from 5,999 dollars for the basic configuration), is expected by the autumn. The presentation of the WWDC 2019 was also announced on Pro XDR Display, a 32-inch 6K monitor with a price set at 4,999 dollars to which the most demanding can stand alongside the dedicated stand paying an additional 999 dollars.

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