Cheat author for Grand Theft Auto V sentenced to 150,000 dollars. penalties

The author of the cheat for Grand Theft Auto V will pay the game publisher, Take-Two, 150,000. dollars. compensation. That judgment was issued on February 4 by the District Court of the South District in New York.

Convicted is Jhonny Perez, who is responsible for the Elusive program, a tool used to cheat in GTA V mode. Using cheat Perez, players could, among others, get infinite ammunition and teleport the figure on the map. However, what is the most important, from the legal point of view, Elusive also enabled the generation of virtual money.

The same money for which honest players have to pay with a hard currency – micropayments, powering the producer’s account. The court ruled that Perez had exposed the company to losses not only in financial terms, but also in terms of image, when the fraudsters had mischievous play of others.

GTA V – Cheat Tricks 2019

To the detriment of the accused spoke the fact that he drew profits from his cheat himself. As agreed, he collected license fees ranging from $ 10 to $ 30. for a single copy. However, it is not known how much he earned in total. On the other hand, losses on the part of the distributor were estimated – 500,000 dollars.

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Although the compensation awarded is lower, Perez will remember the sentence for a long time. Let’s repeat, the man will pay Take-Two 150,000 dollars. compensation, and will pay back nearly 67 thousand dollars. court costs. This is the highest judgment in the matter of cheats in the game so far.

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