Carpooling and Coronavirus: sharing is a problem

The carpooling could be one of the designated victims of the "black swan" of Coronavirus . The reasons are partly evident and partly invisible, partly linked to contingent situations and partly evaporated between instinctive fears and mutual distrust.

The councils of the authorities are clear: stay at home whenever possible, move as little as possible when necessary, avoid gatherings and avoid direct contact. The distance that puts people in safety is approximately 1.85 cm, but at a distance of one meter there is reasonable protection, provided that everything takes place in an open environment. In conclusion: the car is not a risk-free environment unless you travel alone and common sense must impose maximum caution in this complex phase of growth in cases of contagion.

The situation, according to BlaBlaCar

Interesting is the Note published by Blablacar on its official website. BlaBlaCar is today the first reference of car pooling at a European level and the company's point of view on the topic can only be a fundamental reference at this stage. Here is what is explained:

We are following very closely the evolution of the situation relating to the spread of the Covid-19 virus and the provisions of the local and national authorities regarding the containment and management of the emergency.

For the time being, no specific restrictions have been enacted relating to the transport sector. However, we invite our travelers to implement the suggested preventive activities and to limit travel to the risk areas as much as possible, completely avoiding them where required by the Authorities.

The message continues indicating all the practical indications for those who are continuing to use the service.

For passengers traveling by bus, departures are guaranteed.

Anyone in the situation of having to cancel a trip, can contact us through our Facebook page or our form to receive information on cancellation and refund conditions.

We refer to the dedicated page on the portal of the Ministry of Health for any specific questions on the behaviors to be taken to better cope with this situation.

There are no explicit answers to the fundamental question of users, but the message is clear: to date there are no specific restrictions, from this point on it's up to users to find the right compromise between common sense and urgent needs. BlaBlaCar's attitude, it must be underlined, has been transparent and responsible since the end of February , when the case began to be understood and perceived:

BlaBlaCar invites its community of travelers to comply with the provisions of 22 February 2020 by the Council of Ministers regarding the containment and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-2019. In addition to the provisions of the local and national authorities, we invite all travelers who have recently been in the outbreak areas or who have come into contact with people at risk of avoiding to undertake any type of travel as a precaution.

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