bug for update KB4532693, delete files

Particularly complex week for the Microsoft team to work on Windows 10. To the problems affecting the update KB4524244 (whose distribution has been interrupted) are added those of the update KB4532693, also released a few days ago (Tuesday 11 February). Apparently, following the installation, for someone he hid or deleted some files present on the hard disk.

Windows 10: problems with the KB4532693 update

Do you remember anything? The problem it's similar to what almost a year and a half ago led to the rollout of the October 2018 Update package. Then there are those who complained that they found themselves in front of the default operating system screen following a restart, thus losing the customizations made to the interface. The luckiest ones have remedied this by putting their hand in the registry or returning to a previous restore point, if available. The rest of the others have no choice but to complain.

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In view of the debut of the major update 20H1 (already available with preview builds) for Microsoft the work is certainly not lacking, considering that the debut of Windows 10X, the version of the operating system optimized for folding and dual screens, is expected within the year.

All this without forgetting that at the beginning of February the KB4532695 update caused the appearance of the Blue Screen of Death. In short, something is wrong, just when the platform has crossed the milestone of a billion users globally.

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