Blizzard, Epic Games ban on Hong Kong protests

There bauhinia white figure depicted on the red flag of Hong Kong to open the article because it is precisely from the protests that for months now there has been a scene that brings about a clash in the gaming area. Starring two of the best known publishers in the industry.

Blizzard, Epic Games and the Hong Kong protests

During the weekend Blizzard has imposed a ban on Ng "Blitzchung" Wai Chung, a well-known professional player from Hearthstone, for publicly supporting dissent demonstrations in an interview. Today the intervention of Epic Games, a reality linked to Fortnite, that on the wave of indignation raised by the measure has not lost the opportunity to tease the competitor stating that he will never do the same and pledging to fight to protect freedom of speech and expression. This is the declaration attributed to a spokesman and entrusted to the pages of The Verge site, in translated form.

Epic supports everyone's ability to express themselves as well as his political vision and human rights. We will not apply ban or punishment to a Fortnite player or a content creator because of his opinions on these topics.

We have written in the days of what is happening in the East also in relation to one anomaly traced within the operating system iOS 13: the Taiwanese flag has mysteriously disappeared from the boxes for the rapid selection in the keyboards of the users who are in Hong Kong and Macau. Difficult not to think of some pressure exerted by the Chinese government.

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