Black Friday 2019 starts now: discounts, opportunities, how to prepare

Once upon a time there was the Black Friday, the day of the discounts born of a marketing legend in the US and soon becoming the dogma of international marketing: a day that brings together those who buy and those who sell around a large catalog of discounts, precious lymph for the Christmas gift run and valid savings opportunity for those who are thinking about what to put under the tree. But soon the situation began to change: the Black Friday has been extended from a few hours to a whole day, so it has expanded to 30 consecutive hours, until it became a "Black Friday Week”As per Amazon's conception of this edition

Better or worse? In our opinion, it is good and right. Only one day dedicated to discounts limits to impulse choices and limited weighting. In addition, a few hours of showcase means a limited range of accessible products. A longer period, on the other hand, opens up more opportunities and in fact puts greater decision-making power in the hands of users.

Amazon's Black Friday Week

Amazon's Black Friday begins at this time, at midnight on November 22nd, and will last until the end of Friday November 29th. 30 November, 1 December and 2 December will instead be an extension called "Cyber ​​Weekend" in reference to Cyber ​​Monday which will close this first bracket of discounts.

Black Friday 2019: Amazon offers

Black Friday 2019: Amazon offers

Everything does not end here: in the period between December 2 and Christmas Eve, in fact, it will still be possible to access special offers designed specifically for a particularly complex period: delivery times will gradually be reduced, but some special offers will remain available for latecomers. Black Friday will therefore not end on November 29th, but will be fading until the last week of December: at that point Amazon will expressly inform users that there are no longer guarantees on the arrival of the desired goods in time.

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The long duration of this Black Friday, however, exposes it to a danger: the difficulty in keeping the attention on discounts high, in addition to the inevitable quantity of the same, risks losing the best opportunities available. For this reason, our editorial staff will carefully select the best offers in order to make them available to Punto Informatico readers. A chatbot service has been activated to further fuel the possibility of staying updated on the best – selected – discount opportunities and our Black Friday Special will act as a collector for all the best opportunities highlighted in this Black Friday Week.

Prime users, for free, for a month

Finally, a tip for anyone who wants to take advantage of Amazon offers for Black Friday: make sure you have activated a subscription Amazon Prime (theThe first month is free and only at the end of it will you choose whether or not to continue your experience), so as to guarantee free shipping for each single purchase made. The offer is ideal for those who still do not know whether to marry the "Prime" experience, but at the same time would like to cancel the shipping costs in this period of strong purchases. All it takes is a click, in short, to save money which is certainly not trivial.

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