BBC News goes to the Dark Web to fight censorship

The editorial staff of BBC News chose the path of Dark Web to combat the forms of censorship applied by countries like China, Iran and Vietnam: the international version of the portal, the one that can be visited from outside the UK to addresses or, is now accessible through Tor to the link bbcnewsv2vjtpsuy.onion. In other browsers the URL does not work.

A mirror on the Dark Web for BBC News

The functioning of Tor (an acronym for The Onion Router) and the dynamics that regulate the resources present in the Dark Web are well known, often for decidedly less noble questions than those we find ourselves writing today that instead has the merit of acting in the name of the freedom of information.

The mirror that can be consulted is available in different languages: among these also Persian, Arabic and Russian. It lacks some multimedia content like those distributed through the BBC iPlayer component for issues related to broadcast rights. These are the words of the broadcaster reported in a statement describing the initiative.

BBC World Service content is now accessible through the Tor network to the public living in countries where BBC News is blocked or restricted. This is in line with the mission of BBC World Service which aims to provide reliable news worldwide.

As written above, the layer of anonymity which protects the activity on the Dark Web is sometimes used for malicious purposes: from child pornography to the financing of illegal practices, from the sale of stolen credentials to drug trafficking.

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The publisher has also made part of its contents accessible through smart speaker equipped with Alexa's artificial intelligence, but currently only for those who reside in the UK.

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