bars and shops closed, petrol stations open

According to what was illustrated a few minutes ago by the President of the Council of Ministers, Italy must prepare for a further tightening of the contagion containment measures to be Coronavirus. Starting tomorrow, in fact, many shops will be closed, but at the same time they will be guaranteed refueling for transport .

Guaranteed fuels: petrol stations remain open

The logic behind the new closures is that of a further crackdown aimed at radicalizing the message even more #I stay at home: Italians are explicitly asked to reduce exits to the bare minimum for the procurement of essential goods, and it is for this reason that hairdressers, beauticians, restaurants, retail and bars are tightened to remove opportunities for meeting and contagion to those who have not yet understood the seriousness of the moment.

On the day the WHO calls the current situation "pandemic", Giuseppe Conte carries out a further restriction setting the next update to March 25th. However, the guaranteed activities include i gas stations , because their function is at this point completely essential to guarantee the full operation of the country.

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It should be remembered that, despite the movements of private citizens have been extremely limited (as is known, one is needed self-certification to be able to move), the freight traffic continue to operate regularly to ensure supplies to stores for basic necessities.

All active services

These are the services that will remain active after this further tightening starting from Thursday 12 March:

  • Hypermarkets
  • Supermarket
  • Discount of food
  • Minimarkets and other non-specialized food shops
  • Retail sale of frozen products
  • Non-specialized retail trade in computers, peripherals, telecommunications equipment, audio and video consumer electronics, household appliances
  • Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialized stores (ateco codes: 47.2)
  • Retail sale of automotive fuel in specialized stores
  • Retail IT and telecommunications equipment (ICT) in specialized stores (ateco code: 47.4)
  • Trade to the detail of ferramenta, paintings, flat glass and electrical and termoidraulico material
  • Retail sale of sanitary equipment
  • Retail sale of lighting items
  • Commerce to the detail of daily newspapers, journals and periodicals
  • Pharmacies
  • Retail sale in other specialized stores of medicines not subject to medical prescription
  • Retail sale of medical and orthopedic items in specialized stores
  • Retail sale of perfumery articles, toilet products and personal hygiene
  • Commerce to the detail of small domestic animals
  • Commerce to the detail of material for optics and photography
  • Commerce to the detail of fuel for domestic use and for heating
  • Retail sale of soaps, detergents, polishing and related products
  • Retail sale of any type of product made via the internet
  • Retail sale of any type of television product
  • Retail sale of any type of mail order product, radio, telephone
  • Trade carried out by means of vending machines.

To these are added personal services such as laundries, dry cleaners and funeral homes. The full publication of the measure in the coming hours will allow you to analyze everything in more detail, but the suspicion is that it is going towards a complete closure that also includes factories and artisans. Thus arriving at a complete stop in Italy, pending a statistical verification of cases in late March: only then will it be possible to understand what will happen in the first weeks of April.

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