Autonomous driving according to Tesla: this is what Autopilot sees

Have you ever wondered how one self-driving car interprets what happens in the surrounding environment, how do you observe the road and other means in real time, adjusting your behavior accordingly? Today Tesla he shows it by publishing a new movie on the official website page dedicated to technology Autopilot supplied to its electric cars.

Tesla Autopilot: the eyes of the self-driving car

Red and green lines represent the lanes of the roadway, parallelepipeds with yellow edges define the individual vehicles, labels indicate the distance to each object, blue areas are positioned near the sidewalks and squares highlight the vertical signs. On the sides of the screen there is constantly updated information on the asphalt conditions, speed and other parameters acquired by cameras and sensors. Unfortunately the clip doesn't show pedestrians neither cyclists , occupants of the road that cannot be ignored when traveling.

The initial intention was to offer an FSD (Full Self-Driving) system already by the end of 2019. There has been a shift in timing, but the group's ambitions related to autonomous driving they certainly cannot be said to be downsized.

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Just in recent days Elon Musk invited everyone interested to make a contribution to their home for a hackaton from the expected duration of a month in which there will be moments of leisure.

At the moment the Tesla on the market are equipped with the components hardware necessary to manage every aspect of self-driving functionality. However, what is still missing is an optimization of the sector software which must be fully reliable before being able to allow owners to delegate every aspect of the journey to the vehicle, thus avoiding any possible risk.

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