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There is an Italy stop, who makes this great sacrifice of isolation for the good of the whole community, and there is an Italy that moves, putting their health at risk to guarantee the essential services that allow people to receive basic necessities without problems or delays. For the latter, however, an armature of services is needed, such as i refreshment points, which otherwise would not allow freight traffic to continue to flow undisturbed. Instead, stop i Blue Points of Telepass : the service remains guaranteed in its basic elements through the official app.

Autogrill open

That's why on the Italian territory some bars (those serving a point of refueling) and some motorway restaurants continue to remain open and available: while fully respecting the hygiene rules imposed and the safety distances necessary to contain the infection from Coronavirus , the service is guaranteed on the entire Italian motorway network. The queen rule is in fact always the same: avoiding infections by eliminating contacts and ensuring social isolation through the distance between people of at least 1 meter.

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Explain Autostrade per l'Italia:

(…) to deal with the epidemiological emergency from Covid19, in partnership with the contractors of the catering and fuel distribution services of the service areas on its national network, it is working to ensure that service quality standards continue to be guaranteed, in the compliance with all the indications for the protection of people and workers, by the various government provisions. In line with the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 March 2020 and with the note of the Ministry of the Interior of 13 March 2020, the services provided by the Autostrade per l'Italia service areas remain open and accessible 24 hours a day, where this is not prohibited by further specifications. local regulations.

It is not easy to understand at this moment if it is easier to stay closed at home with serious economic sacrifice or if it is better to be able to continue operating exposing yourself to risks for your health. In both cases, however, the full discharge of one's duty is what has the most value for the community, which needs at this stage that everyone respects the rules in the best way.

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As for road haulage, the agreements made at the beginning of the emergency have allowed an important facilitation of the movement of goods, guaranteeing all the essential services without any problem despite the incredible emergency that emerged within a few days.

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