at the auction the prototype of the legendary

There Nintendo PlayStation is one of the unicorns in the history of gaming, for a long time considered a legend and came to light only in 2015 with a prototype functioning found among the odds and ends purchased in a batch of material sold following a bankruptcy case. Next year the only known specimen of the console will be put on sale: it will go torod in February with an operation managed by Heritage Auctions.

The only example of Nintendo PlayStation goes to auction

The owner Terry Diebold, after refusing a direct offer for the $ 1.2 million purchase, believes he can pocket an even bigger sum. The platform was born in the early 1990s from the collaboration between the Super Mario home and Sony, but has never reached the market due to a deterioration in the relations between the two Japanese companies. This has in fact led to the subsequent debut of the PlayStation line as we know it, with all that has been achieved for the world of video games.

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The Nintendo PlayStation prototype put up for auction

Basically the Nintendo PlayStation (code-named Super NES CD-ROM System) is a device that can play both games on cartridge of the Super Famicom catalog (the Japanese version of the SNES) and the titles on CD-ROM thanks to the special reader. A hybrid that has never seen the light.

It is fascinating to imagine how the landscape would have evolved gaming if the partnership between the two companies had not shattered. Today we would not perhaps have the Sony-Microsoft duopoly with Nintendo to act as an outsider (sometimes reaching the leadership as in the case of the Wii era) and new entries that leverage on new technology to innovate the sector, Stadia above all.

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