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The emergency coronavirus is also putting a strain on it Amazon and its employees, with more and more people who refer to e-commerce for daily purchases (and not only), not being able to leave the house. Among the first consequences out of stock and late delivery. To better support its workforce, the group decided to put a $ 350 million investment on the plate.

How Amazon is facing the coronavirus emergency

It will serve to increase from here to the end of April of approximately 2 euros (2 dollars, 2 pounds) the hourly fee of those who work inside warehouses and sorting centers as well as those who through external partners deal with the transport of goods and deliver them at home.

In particular, in the United States where you are just starting to get serious about coronavirus right now, the company announces the creation of 100,000 new jobs full-time and part-time, submitting the proposal as a priority to those who temporarily find themselves unemployed due to the current crisis. Added to this is the necessary adoption of additional protection measures to guarantee the safety and security of personnel. We will see if all this is sufficient to calm the internal protests that have resulted in one petition.

We are doing all we can to keep buildings extremely clean and helping employees take important precautions such as social distancing and other measures. Those who do not want to go to work can resort to paid and unpaid holidays, we guarantee them support in this.

Meanwhile, as reported on the pages of Bloomberg, at least five employees Amazon at work in the European warehouses where the sorting of the goods takes place were tested positive for COVID-19. They are used in the structures of Italy and Spain. A couple of weeks ago in our country a couple of cases had been reported in the company's Milan offices, after the first overseas in Seattle.

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