Arlo, video surveillance is at half price

Four video cameras, a communication base and a wireless management system, giving life to a simple system of video surveillance which for a few hours will be available at almost half price The offer is that of Arlo, which on Amazon offers its own kit with 4 security cameras to 529.99 euros (-45%).

Arlo video surveillance kit

Arlo video surveillance kit

Among the features of the plant, Arlo promises HD video quality, resistance of cameras to rain and weather, two-way audio, viewing angle of 130 degrees and siren built into the base station to signal the identification of moving bodies in the range of action of the system. But not only: the system guarantees thecloud storage of images for 7 days, allowing it to reconstruct subsequent intrusions, and also offers the possibility of local storage through a special USB port (extremely convenient option when the connection is not guaranteed or does not allow a large amount of traffic.

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The system can also be managed via voice interaction thanks to compatibility with Alexa (which also opens up the possibility of viewing images directly on TV through the use of a simple Amazon Fire TV Stick). The kit with 4 video cameras is by far the most convenient, the heart of today's offer: the other kits gravitate instead on discounts between 10 and 20%.

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