Apple will not unlock the attacker's iPhones

Attorney General Bill Barr asked Apple of unlock iPhones (models 5 and 7) owned bybomber which raided the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, in Florida, opening fire and killing three people, injuring eight others before being shot down in turn. The response provided by the Cupertino group, which claims to have in any case provided the investigators with all the information in its possession for the continuation of the investigations, was negative. This is an extract from the statement attributed to the bitten apple.

We deny reports that Apple did not provide adequate assistance in investigating Pensacola. Our responses to the numerous requests have been timely, thorough and still ongoing. We responded to each question promptly, sharing information with the FBI offices in Jacksonville, Pensacola and New York. The requests led to the production of gigabytes of data that we made available to investigators. On each occasion we have responded with all the information we have.

Pensacola shooting: Apple's no to the iPhone unlock

In other words, the company is at the side of the FBI agents and all those engaged in trying to shed light on what happened, but has no intention of compromising on the privacy of its users.

As we have always specified, there is no type of backdoor to use for good. These systems can be forced by those who threaten our national security and that of the information belonging to our customers. We strongly believe that encryption is vital to protect our nation and our users' data.

Of different opinion, Barr, who says that by refusing to unlock the iPhone (via backdoor or other method), in fact Apple is not collaborating as it should with the investigators. There shooting has been labeled as terrorist act. These are his words.

The situation perfectly illustrates how crucial it is for investigators to be able to access digital evidence once a court order has been obtained. We asked Apple and other tech companies to help us find a solution so we can better protect Americans' lives and prevent future attacks.

During the attack, the attacker placed one of his smartphones on the ground, then firing a shot at him. The other phone has remained intact. The agents managed to repair the damaged one, but without being able to access the data housed in it due to the system used to encrypt its content: according to Barr, it is essential to do it to understand who the man was in contact with and get to capture any accomplices not present at the crime scene.

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It is not the first time that Apple has been involved in an affair of this type: it had already happened in past years, when a judge ordered the company to unlock the device (then an iPhone 5C) owned by the man who in December 2015 killed 14 people in the massacre of San Bernardino.

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