Apple glasses for augmented reality in 2020

You will not have to wait long before you see the debut on the market AR glasses of Apple. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo talks about a launch in the first half of 2020, with the production phase starting instead by the end of this year.

Apple: AR glasses within the next year

The rumor describes a collaboration between the Cupertino group and some unspecified brands for the creation and promotion of the product (a bit like Facebook does with Luxottica). The frame should be provided by the Chinese Changying Precision. The device has been talked about for some time, including rumors and rumors never officially confirmed, references found in the application code and information leaked by the experts.

The glasses should be light, with the minimum necessary of integrated hardware so as to reduce the weight and allow an optimization of the design. To use them in augmented reality you will need to bring a iPhone: the phone will take care of processing the information and then transmit it wirelessly to the lenses, so that they can be superimposed on the user's visual field.

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The concept has already been tested by others in the past, starting with Google than with his model Glass he first created a huge hype, to then target the device exclusively to the professional environment, thus disappointing the expectations of those who wanted to see it in the consumer segment. The Mountain View group in recent months has introduced the $ 999 Enterprise Edition with Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 platform, Bluetooth 5.x connectivity and 3 GB of internal storage memory.

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