Anet A8, the 3D printer on offer on eBay for 94.99 euros

Who is looking for one 3D printer economic, suitable for approaching this technology by experimenting its potential, can point today in the direction of eBay where the model Anet A8 with a construction volume of 22x22x24 cm is on offer at price of 94.99 euros. Allows you to create objects with a maximum volume of 220x220x240 mm.

A 3D printer on offer on eBay

These are the Technical specifications most important: heated plate, LCD display and keyboard for controlling each phase of the process, support for the thickness of the printing layer of 0.1 mm, nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm and reader for SD cards. It is compatible with ABS, PLS and HIPS filaments so you can use the best one for every need.

Anet 3D printer

The ability to connect Anet A8 to Windows and Mac computers, as well as the many tutorials and repositories available on the Net to create or download models in three dimensions to be printed, make it an excellent model to become familiar with this technology. The interesting ones don't waste time: the offer on eBay with the 36% discount on the list price is not unlimited.

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