An open and decentralized future for Twitter: Bluesky is born

Revolution on the horizon at home Twitter, which for its future intends to base itself on principles close to those of the blockchain, embracing open standards and decentralized protocols. The announcement comes a bit surprisingly today and bears the signature of Jack Dorsey. In a series of posts, the CEO provided some initial information about the initiative, which in any case will take a long time to bear fruit.

A decentralized future for Twitter

The platform will finance the birth and organization of an independent team called Bluesky. Composed of a few members (currently not yet enrolled) and led by Parag Agrawal (the current CTO of Twitter), it will have the task of laying the foundations for a new era of social network. The concept is not too dissimilar from what today regulates the circulation of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, based on nodes distributed and not controlled by a single entity. What are the advantages of such a solution? First of all, a timely and fair moderation of contents and a more effective fight against disinformation, without forgetting the impossibility of blockages and censorship by governments. This at least in theory.

Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers and designers to develop an open, decentralized social media standard. The ultimate goal for Twitter is to become a customer of this standard.

Thanks to Bluesky's account, thanks and a promise, nothing more. By the same admission of the profile will take a long time just to put the team together.

The idea is not entirely new. Mastodon (official site) does something similar since 2016 based on the ActivityPub protocol, defining itself as a social network of type open source and decentralized, offering everyone the platform on which to build their own community and allowing members of different instances to interact and communicate with each other.

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